Films Making Services

Helium Films is a San Diego based Video Production Company with an international reach.With offices in the United States and in France, and a great deal of experience in the business and communication world, we offer a broad range of affordable, high-end creative services to companies and networks.

BlockChain Training in Hyderabad

The blockchain is not just a key component in the hope of IT Industry but the future of many industries and will convert probably in all the industries and various sectors to do business. BlockChain Training in Hyderabad at Open Source Technologies will help the audience to get good command to face real-world challenges.

Resort in Jim Corbett

Corbett The Baagh is one of the best budget luxury spa resorts & hotels in Jim Corbett, Ramnagar Uttarakhand. We provide best world class resorts services to make your stay comfortable and pleasant with great hospitality and superb amenities at affordable tariff rates.


Kuraray’s PVOH grades vary in viscosity, affecting adhesion strength, film forming properties, water sensitivity, and activity as a dispersing agent.

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