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Collaboration solutions have transformed Cisco\’s business. Cisco IT deploys our solutions to help us improve business processes, speed decision-making, and boost productivity.

Online Food Delivery

Laat Saab is a true multi cuisine restaurant that serves delicious culinary delights from pan India. Mughlai, Lucknow, North Indian and food from pan India are served in mouth watering taste and flavours. Wide Range of beverages and ice creams are also served.

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Laat Saab offer a genuine welcoming, warm and friendly environment with thoughtful service to make you feel truly royal. Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape or culinary experience, we are dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

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Laat Saab offer fine culinary experience to our customers at our restaurants which are famed among the best restaurants in Noida. Allowing the customers to experience authentic Indian and Mughlai cuisine, whilst, being served in a modern contemporary fine dining setting.

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At AppsDevelopers(SDI) we literally burn the midnight oil for our clients. Our 200+ team of project managers, developers and designers are passionate people, dedicated to the success of their clients and projects. At SDI everyone has a sense of responsibility and this merges in beautifully for business growth
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